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The Stipendia.cz Agency offers its services on the Czech market since 2005. Since the very beginning of operations of the Agency, it aims to provide clients with studying at universities in the US, with the possibility of obtaining athletic or academic scholarships. Over the next few years, the Stipendia.cz agency expanded its activities beyond the borders of the Czech Republic and Slovakia and gaining new contacts will also be able to expand the portfolio of services offered. Basic service of the agency is not only to provide    mediation study at universities in the United States, but also newly providing studies at the private secondary boarding schools, become a member of sports academies (especially tennis, golf and hockey), for hockey players further providing of the camps for American junior hockey competition, as a precursor of future university studies in the United States. Among the new services also include airfare to the United States, assistance in obtaining student visas, or mediating of vacation in Florida. Most valuable for the Stipendia.cz Agency is the personal experience with the American university system with the possibility of scholarships. All activities of the agency seeks in particular to ensure that it complied with the specific requirements of clients regarding future studies, ie. the major, the location of the university, the scholarship, sport facilities, etc.

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Monika Mertová (single name Mastalirova), graduated from Lynn University (FL) in the United States in 2004 with an athletic scholarship. Immediately after her return to the Czech Republic decided to help students and good athletes acquire not only athletic, but also academic scholarships to study at the universities in the United States. She has fully realized this  idea by establishing the Agency in 2005.

Since childhood, she is actively involved in sports and in the 80s became a tennis champion of Czechoslovakia in the U14 category, in the adult category later became champion in double in the Czech Republic. In world tennis she celebrated the achievements already in the junior categories. She ended up with silver medalist in double at ITF titles in Germany (Monchengladbach), silver in Luxembourg (Luxembourg) and  in Switzerland (Klosters) as well. Other successes at international tournaments Monica moved to 410th place in singles and 181 in doubles instead WTA rankings. During her career, she managed to win againts top one hundred WTA player, and was   able to measure her strength and tennis art with such names as Martina Hingis, Irena Spirlea, etc.

Another, equally important part of her tennis career, Monika decided to join the university sport in the US, where she succeeded in 2001 with the lady tennis team already mentioned Lynn University to fight for the title Champion of the USA. She   won not only the traditional ring by this win, but also a personal invitation from a former President George W. Bush to the White House, which itself ranks in her life among her greatest achievements. For her overall contribution to the university sport in the US in 2012 she was awarded with entry into the Hall of Fame of the Sunshine State Conference and a year later into the Hall of Fame of Lynn University.