The Agency mediates  students  study at the universities in the United States. More than a hundred years system, built by the government for the financial support for American universities gave the possibility of the program, whose mission is to financially support good students during their studies at the university. There are around 4000 accredited four-year universities currently in the US, which annually offers students the opportunity to obtain one of the 150,000 athletic and academic scholarships. The possibility to study at the universities in the United States can benefit students who successfully complete high school with a diploma in the Czech Republic, or transfer from the university in the Czech Republic into the US undergraduate Bachelor Degree program. Another option is to get a bachelor’s degree at the university in the Czech Republic and to continue a master’s degree at the University in the US. The basic entry criteria for applicants using an athletic scholarship at a university in the US is already mentioned finishing high school graduation, athletic performance and good knowledge of the English language necessary to obtain a sufficient number of points during the entrance tests in English and mathematics. On the basis of good sport skills and knowledges certified by international testing for study in the United States is able to get an athletic(and/or academic) scholarship, which can in some cases cover all costs associated with the study, room and board at  the university in the USA.

Newly the Agency has extended its offer for mediation studies at the secondary schools in the United States, provide sport camps and academies in the US and the Czech Republic (especially tennis, hockey and golf). We also offer assistance in obtaining student visas, booking Florida vacation and airfare to the United States.


</p> <p>Conditions for the admission to the university in the US: </p> <p>

  • Completion of high school education with final exam (or university student in the Czech Republic can complete their studies in the US as so-called Transfer”)

  • Knowledge of English and mathematics required to achieve a sufficient number of points during the entrance tests iBT Toefl and SAT (for master’s degree in the US test GMAT or GRE)

  • Good results in the sport of your interest

  • Amateur status, or be able to demonstrate that all profits from sporting activities do not exceed the costs associated with this activity

  • Good academic results


Conditions for admission of the student (without a scholarship) to the University in the US:

  • Completion of high school education (Alternatively, a college student in the Czech Republic can complete their studies in the US as so-called Transfer”)

  • Knowledge of English and mathematics required to achieve a sufficient number of points during the entrance tests Toefl iBT and SAT (for master’s degree in the US test GMAT or GRE)

  • Good academic results



On the basis of good sporting skills and international language tests (SAT, TOEFL) proven knowledge of applicants for study in the US is able to get sports, respectively. academic scholarship, which can in some cases cover all costs associated with the study, room and board at US universities. In these cases we are talking about a full scholarship. Another possibility is to obtain the partial scholarship, which is part of the cost paid by the student to study at universities in the United States. In cases where students get  full or partial scholarships at the university, the main task of the Agency’s Sport & universities is to provide students with the best conditions in the contract with the university. Student athlete signs a scholarship contract with the university for one year only and represent the university in the sports can  for maximum of four years. In cases where the student who decides to study at the US university is not an athlete just a regular student and wil not represent the university in sport has the opportunity to get an academic scholarship as well, which is bound to high school over all grades, and the results of entrance tests. The Agency’s goal is to provide the student a university that does not conflict with his financial possibilities and where  all his requirements will be satisfied. Universities in the US, offers its students a wide range of scholarships; except athletic and academic scholarship student from the Czech Republic may also apply for scholarships for international students (or. in some cases, the student may receive a scholarship for socially disadvantaged groups).


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Process of co-operation

A description of the cooperation of the prospective students and the Agency:

  •  At the very beginning of cooperation is needed contact the agency in advance (see Contacts)
  • To fill in entry forms containing information about your education, the best sports results, etc.
  • Personal client consultations with a representative of the Sport & university agency for the purpose of specifying individual client requirements and assessing the possibilities of further cooperation
  • Make a contract for arrangement  between the student and the Sport & University agency
  • The client registration to an entrance test of English and preparation for tests
  • The agency offers a possible university for future cooperation
  • Selecting the appropriate university by the client
  • Admissions
  • I-20- document of admission to study at the university in the USA
  • Application for a student visa  

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of the cooperation and services between the clients and Agency?

One of the main benefits of cooperation with the agency‘s cost saving for study in the US. Thanks to the years of experience, contacts and own databases of universities in the US it is possible for the agency to provide clients the maximum amount of scholarships, respectively  satisfy the additional requirements of individual clients. Thus, clients can save for study in the United States up to tens of thousands of US dollars per year. Another advantage of cooperation with the Agency‘s the experience of the American educational system and the  help during the very difficult process of admission to study in the US.

When it is best time to contact the agency?

For the general information you can contact the agency at any time. The best time for the applicants to start cooperation to study in the United States and with the Agency is during the third year of high school.

What is the priority while studying at the university in the USA, sport or education?

The priority is education. Student athlete must achieve good study results, to be part of a athletic team and benefit from financial support in the form of athletic scholarships. Missed classes because of the university’s sports teams is excused. Students, however, must ensure itself the information on missed classes.

Is the student athlete treated well while hurting himself during the official practise or match?  Will he lose a scholarship? Who pays the cost of treatment?

Reimbursement of treatment costs is paid by the athletes“ health insurance,and if they do not, the university must take care of the cost. If an athlete adheres the scholarship contract with the university,and he has an injury and is not able to represent the university, the university cannot take the scholarship away . If the student athlete gets injured, is taking care of very well. There is a trainer” (physiotherapist), who personally dedicated athletes and is in contact with the coaches. Together they are trying to find how best to heal the wounds.

Can I attend college for only one year?

Yes, you can go to college for a year only, because the contract with the university and student athlete is always signed only for one academic year. In some sports, where the main season starts in the spring, you can even study only one semester and receive a scholarship and then return to the Czech Republic.

What can you do in your free time? Does remain any time for fun to the students athletes who  represent the university ?

Like the students in the Czech Republic depends primarily on the study period (phase semester) in combination with the period associated with the duty of representing the university. In the school premises is usually a wide variety of ways to spend their free time. There are so called student lounges, restaurants and libraries There is usually a swimming pool, fitness room, and leisure use as well as other sports (for example, use of tennis courts at a time when the tennis team  does not use it).

What is a typical day of the athletes at the university in the USA?

Day of the university team member starts as a day of every student. There are classes during a day , have to do the homework, student athletes do not have any degree of reliéf from the classes. Practising six days a week, always scheduled out  of the time allotted for classes. Mostly they practise  once or twice a day.

It is possible for parents to visit the student during his studies at the university?

Parents of college students can visit at any time during the term. This visit may take place through unofficial or parents can arrange a tour of the University with one of the school staff. Every year, usually held at universities so called Weekend parentswhen there is a special program for parents of students prepared  , which includes the presentation of the university. During these days, parents can get acquainted with the premises of universities, which are designed for both studies and extracurricular activities, also have the opportunity to go to cafeteria for dining. For parents of students to have  the opportunity to know the quality of sports facilities and the level practising methods, in most cases these days,there are practise demonstrations or  the prep matches held.